Date:    28th December, 2012.



Dear Mario Arleo,


It recently comes to our notice that your association has adopted a logo which bears the wordings of our Ving Tsun Athletic Association (VTAA).  It will definitely create a misconception to the public that the two associations are related parties.  Please also note that the Logo of VTAA has been registered.  Therefore, we write here to urge you to stop using such wordings, so as to prevent any confusion to the public.


Furthermore, you have also quoted as a Vtaa Sifu.  However, under the current practice, all instructors or senior instructors need to obtain a certificate from our association in order to be qualified as a VTAA instructor.  We urge to stop quoting as Vtaa Sifu.  Should you wish to obtain an instructor or senior instructor certificate, you are always welcome to make application to our Association.


Thank you for your attention.




Yours faithfully,

Ving Tsun Athletic Association