Commemorative Coin of Grand Master Ip Man


In commemoration of the 110 th birthday of Grand Master Ip Man and the 5th anniversary of ¡§Ip Man Tong¡¨, hence The Museum of Foshan city and Heritage Souvenir Shop of Foshan joined together with famous designer for minting of Ip Man commemorative coin. Commemorative coin is now available. This coin is special foe the disciples and those revel in wing Chun Martial Art. Enclosed please find the attached figure for reference. The coin¡¦s obverse designed with the portrait of Grand Master Ip Man and the Chinese & English wording of ¡§In memorial of Grand Master Ip Man¡¨; the coin reverse, designed with traditional propitious pattern and Seal Characters of Wing Chun. The diameter of Commemorative coin is 40 mm pure copper with gold plating.


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